Pool & Spa Test Products OEM Service

With more than 20 years' development, refining and constant improvement, our pool & spa test products are stable, accurate and second to none. They enable fast and efficient inspection, with production options 100% customizable to fit your needs. Brands, labels, packaging styles and colors can be customized according to your requirement, while you take advantage of the support we provide for your business’ development.

Customizing functions

We can provide different test functions based on your requirements. Whether you prefer 2 in 1, 3 in 1, 4 in 1, or any other number, we can help with what you need.

Customizing labels

We provide customization of labels based on your requirements. Once you tell us what you need, we will provide it for you. All you have to do is replace the colorimetric part with ours.

Customizing bottles

Have a different colored bottle in mind? Our bottle customizing options run the gamut of colors and shapes and available. White, black, blue and all manner of shapes can be customized as you desire.

Customizing packaging

We have an abundant selection of outer packaging and cartoons, bubble shells and display boxes that can all be customized as per your requirements. Sizes, colors and graphic patterns of outer packaging can also be customized.

Designing labels

Would you prefer your business logo or brand identity to be on the products? You can also entrust this to us. We provide a one-stop service from art design to product making.

Customizing for B2C

We are familiar with packaging service for Amazon and other platforms. We can customize special products for you, including other necessary items for the platform such as pictures, video and text.


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