High Quality Pool Test Strips & Spa Test Strips

Our pool test strips & spa test strips provide a fast, easy and reliable way to test your pool and spa water quality

We provide numerous test functions including testing for total hardness, cyanuric acid, total chlorine, free chlorine, PH, total alkalinity etc.

All our products support either single function or multifunction use. Whether what you need are 2 in 1, 3 in 1, 4 in 1 or any number of functions, we can fulfill your requirements.

There are full customization options for brand, label, packaging, form and color of the product. Just tell us what you need.

Small and mid to large orders are accepted.

We support objective product inspection by trusted third parties such as SGS, Hermes, etc.

Why Trust Our Pool & Spa Test Strips?


With our high quality swimming pool & spa test strips, you don't have to use different strips to test for different chemicals. Test for PH, total chlorine, total alkalinity, cyanuric acid and total hardness, all at the same time.

Test in 17 seconds flat!

Our test strips are made for simple, time-saving and practical testing. The whole process from start to finish takes no more than 17 seconds. Perfect for swift, routine everyday checks.

  • Make sure your hands are clean and dry, then pick one strip and submerge it in water for 2 seconds.
  • Take the strip out of the water and hold it horizontally in the air for 15 seconds. This allows the strip dry and brings the color out clearly.
  • Then match the color on the strip to those on the back of the bottle to get your readings. Adjust the chemicals in the water as indicated by the strips.

To ensure that the chemicals in the water are balanced, you can run your filter pump to circulate the water, wait 4-6 hours and test again.


Don’t leave your pool water quality to chance. Ideally, you should test the quality of the water every day. We know this can get expensive and time-consuming. Our pool & spa test strips are packaged with enough strips to last you weeks. They are affordable and adapted to ensure swift, easy testing that you can complete in mere seconds.


Unnecessary hardness, high PH, too much alkalinity and host of other conditions can render your pool harmful. Our high quality test strips will help you reliably test the water quality in your pool, spa and hot tub to help ensure that you maintain the right amount of chemicals, thereby avoiding health problems and damage to devices.

Full warranties

We are confident that our test strips will provide reliable assistance to you in testing your pool and spa water quality. To show this, we provide 60 days 100% return and 1 year warranties. If you face any problems with our products, all you have to do is contact us and we will ensure that the problems are well taken care of.

Third party inspection and quality assurance

We support objective third party testing and inspection to assure our clients of the quality of our products. We have collaborated with trusted third parties such as SGS and Hermes for industry leading and reliable quality assurance for many years now. Once you place your order, rest assured that you will only be receiving the best. Here are samples of our quality test report:

Quality Test Report

Delivery & Service


We support FCL or LCL by sea, DHL / TNT / FEDEX courier or air shipment.

Shipment time: Within 3 weeks after confirmation of order.

We take photos at every stage of the shipment process. These will be sent to you before shipment to ensure that the products match your requirements.

After-sale service

We provide market-leading after-sales service to ensure your maximum satisfaction.

If the product or packaging is damaged, we will refund or send you new products and packaging.

If the products do not meet your specifications, we will call back the container at our own cost or compensate you as per our agreement.


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