10 Things everyone know about owning a swimming pool

December 03, 2019

Owning a house with swimming pool sounds so exciting as well as it seems exciting too. At the same time, taking care of house with a pool is not easy it requires a lot of effort and real struggle. The main concern of owning a house with a pool is that it requires high maintenance and proper cleaning.

No matter how much you take care about cleaning your pool still you cannot tell whether it is 100% clean. For this purpose, you need to have a test that will let you know accurately the cleanliness level of the pool. By conducting a swimming pool and spa test you can easily judge how much cleaner your pool is and what you can do more to maintain it.

Other than that, conducting a pool water test is so simple that you can easily make it by yourself or even from a pool store. If you are willing to take a pool test by yourself then you must have a liquid test kit that contains test strips to let you know about the condition of the water.

Taking a test with test strips is so easy and it is one of the convenient ways to get an idea about the cleanliness level of your pool water. If you are hosting a pool party or any other event then it is necessary to make sure your pool water is clean. Thus, with the help of the test strip, you can conduct an easy test.

For this purpose, you need to take strip inside of the box, dip it in the water. Let it air dry for a few seconds and match the color of the strip with the box. Hence, you can take an easy test without any difficulty and get to know about the condition of your pool.

On the other hand, there is also another opportunity for you to take a pool water test. You can take the sample of your pool water to any of the closest pool store in the area. There you can conduct an easy test and get to know about the condition of your pool water. Thus, you can easily maintain the cleanliness of your pool.

However, other than these tests here is also a need for everyone to know about owning a swimming pool. Thus, here are 10 prominent things everyone must know about pools.

10 Things to Know About Owning a Pool

Given below are few things:

1- Pools Make your place Entice

You can take it as an advantage, a pro, a benefit or whatever you name, owning a house with a pool makes your place entice, elegant and beautiful. If you are a person who loves to stay more connected to the pleasing environment rather than spending a day in hustle. It is a perfect way for you to keep yourself calm and relaxing. Pools give a very pleasing effect to your house and make it worth living.

2- It adds more value to your Property

The house owners must also keep that in mind that a pool can naturally add more value to your property. A house with a pool always appears beautiful and elegant. Thus, buying one is also more costly. It also depends on the size and design of the pool. If you want a fancy design it definitely costs more rather than an ordinary design.

3- A Great Source of Exercise

The majority of the people choose the houses with pols because they think that it is a source of aquatic exercise. No doubt, it is but one must also keep in mind the hazardous factors that might lead to great problems as well. Such as you must be an expert swimmer otherwise, there are more chances that you might drown and lose health. Thus, taking care of such factors is necessary that can be fatal for health.

4- Pools Require Proper and Regular Cleaning

It should also be kept in mind that the pools require a proper time for their maintenance and cleanliness. A person should be aware of this factor before buying the house. If you are good at maintaining the pools then it is an easy task for you. You also need to go through the proper pool testing occasionally in order to maintain the good condition.

5- Houses with Pools Cost Higher Insurance

Another major factor that needs to be considered before buying a house with a pool is that the houses with pools cost more for the insurance. The cost of insurance for these houses is usually more than the houses without pools. Thus, it is an important factor that cannot be neglected and it needs higher consideration for buying a house.

6- Reselling Might be Low Cost

The house owners must also consider this factor before buying a house with a pool is that the reselling will not cost as much as they paid at the time of buying. The reselling price automatically drops down once you bought the house with the pool. Thus, considering this factor is also that much important as that of buying a house.

7- Electricity Bills might Increase for Marinating Water level

Another very important factor that must be highly considered is that when you own a house the electricity bills automatically increase. It is because running a poo pump requires extra electric energy to keep on running the pool efficiently. Other than that, if you have a heated pool than that will cost more than that as well. It is one of the important factors that one must keep in mind before buying a house with a pool.

8- Hiring a Pool Inspector is Necessary

Hiring a pool inspector is also necessary when you own a house with a pool. As he will let you know perfectly about the condition of your pool after proper examination. It is also necessary as there are some factors that only an expert can reveal and can provide you a proper detailed information about them. Thus, hiring one is necessary for proper maintenance of the pool.

9- Using Pools too much Might Affect Health

A very important factor to know is that chlorine is added to the pools in order to purify the water, kill bacteria and to remove other disinfectants. Thus, swimming in chlorinated water for too long might be dangerous as there are increased chances of getting various allergies. However, if you have a pool at an open-air place then it will be less harmful.

10- More chances to meet Hazards

If you have small kids and they do not know how to swim then there are increased chances of meeting a serious hazard. Even if a person with zero knowledge for swimming tries to swim then he can drown in pool and can lose life. Thus, before buying such a house making this sure that you or your kids are familiar with swimming and they can deal with it.


Described above are a few things that everyone must know before buying or owning a house with a pool. Understanding such points is necessary and it can help a person perfectly. Thus, understanding and keeping such things is necessary in order to make your house worth living and enjoying every moment perfectly.

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