How Long Should You Stay in the Jacuzzi for?

October 17, 2019

As we think of swimming, swimming pools or jacuzzi. We get a fresh feeling about them. Swimming pools are long and wide bathtubs. Also known as swimming baths, wading pools or paddling pools. You can call them by many other such kinds of names. You can find swimming pools in your city easily.

These pools are built for personal pleasure, fun activities or for different exercises or competitions. There are usually two types of pools used and available for you in the market. They are in-ground and above the ground. But most commonly used are in-ground. They are usually made up of fiberglass or concrete or maybe some other stuff like that.

Alongside it is important to take a lot of care of your pools or jacuzzi. If you want to be safe from diseases. For this purpose, it is necessary that the water is completely sanitized. So, you may not get any severe disease. One way to keep yourself safe is the use of test strips that are used for spas, pools or hot tubs.

Test strips are a great way to measure the pH level of your water, water’s alkalinity or amount of salt and many such factors. If there is a problem with any one of these then you must consider it and try to solve it. If you want to enjoy a germ-free swim or bath.

In this article, we will see further at some of these points. Also, this article will take you through in detail about how long should you stay in the jacuzzi. And is it safe to stay in for long or not? So, without any further delay in this topic. Let us start our conversation.

What is a Jacuzzi?

The word Jacuzzi is often used for an in-ground spa or an above-ground portable spa. Also called a hot tub. It is also known for a jetted bathtub. It was invented by Jacuzzi brothers. And it is the first underwater jet. Some people confuse themselves between a jacuzzi and a hot tub.

A hot tub is basically a large tub or a small pool which is full of heated water. People use it for their pleasure or hydro-therapy. Hot tubs are the ones which are sometimes called as spas or even with the name jacuzzi. And people often mix them.

As now we have seen what a jacuzzi or a hot tub is. Now let us come to the main topic of this article. That is how long you stay in the jacuzzi. Or is it beneficial or harmful for your health? Let us have a look at some of the factors which affect jacuzzi soak time.

1. Hot Tub/Jacuzzi Temperature

The first thing which should keep in mind. While spending your time in a hot tub or jacuzzi is the temperature. It matters a lot in so many ways. One reason is that your temperature decides how much time you are going to spend in your hot tub. If the temperature is high for you then obviously you will spend less time in the hot water.

Most people like to have hot water in their jacuzzi. And some want normal. The ideal temperature to consider is round about 1000 F to 1020 F. Some prefer to have 980 F. it totally depends on people’s choices. You can also choose the ideal temperature for you by testing its coldness or hotness before and then manage it.

2. Your Experience of Staying in a Hot Tub or Jacuzzi

To know how long you can s stay in a hot tub can also depend on your experience of staying in a hot tub or jacuzzi. The best practice is to soak yourself for at least 15 to 30 minutes to see what happens. Then you can exceed your time from this time to 45 minutes or even to 1 hour.

It is also advised to check the outside temperature of the tub. And see what impact it has on you. If you feel hot or cold then adjust it according to your own way and stop further taking a hot bath. It is important for you to be aware of the fact that how are you feeling while in the water and outside it.

3. Your Health

Health is one of the most important factors which tells you how long you can stay in the jacuzzi. If you have some health-related issues it is advised that you should not go into a hot tub or jacuzzi. Such as pregnant women. They are advised not to go in a hot tub whose temperature is more than 102 F.

Or people having other diseases such as heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. All are strictly prohibited. They try some other things apart from this. Because it might be dangerous for them.

4. Your Age

Your age also does matter. If you decide to take a long hot bath. If you are an adult then you can try on to go for a hot tub having 102 F temperature. If you are a young child who is under 12 then 104 F is ideal for you. Or you can try this on for 15 minutes. It is advised to have a look at this before getting into it or things may get worse.

So, from these such points, you now may get some of the things right that what are some of the things which you should keep in mind. While taking a long bath. Also, it is to be noted that it all depends on your age, health, your experience of staying in and the temperature of course. Now let’s see what happens if you stay in for a longer time.

Dangers of Staying in the Jacuzzi for So Long

Yes, surely it has some of the dangers to your health. If you stay in the jacuzzi for so long. Some of them are discussed below.

- Burns the Skin

Burning of skin is one factor if you stay in it for so long. It can cause redness on your skin. That is also a symptom that you have sensitive skin. So, you have to take care of it a lot.

- Nausea

While you stay in the hot water for a long time. There are chances that you might feel nausea or vomiting. So, staying in the hot tub for too long may not be a good idea. If you don’t want to feel sick.

- Dizziness

Dizziness or light-headed is also one problem that you face. If you stay in jacuzzi for a longer time. This is also not a good idea to adopt. You might also feel low blood pressure. So, try to avoid this as well.


This article is all about how long should you stay in the jacuzzi. Some of the factors are explained in detail in this article which will help you know that it is obviously not a good idea to stay in a jacuzzi for so long. There are chances that you might get some of the diseases or the situation may become worse as well. So, you have to take a lot of care about it.

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