Are Swimming pools bad for your health?

November 13, 2019

Swimming pools provide a very pleasing effect to the eyes of the viewer. At the same makes your place more entice and elegant. People prefer buying houses with pools due to various reasons. Majority of them buy because they love it but few have pools in their house for aquatic exercise or for pool events or parties.

At the same time, pools require proper maintenance and regular cleaning. It is a time-consuming effort and it is something you cannot neglect. Sometimes it is quite inconvenient to exactly know about the condition of the pool and its cleanliness level. You cannot accurately say how clean your pool water is and what are the chances of getting infections or allergies.

Thus, in this case, one thing that can help you perfectly is the pool and spa test strips, which you can easily buy online or anywhere else. Pool water testing is an essential part for the pool health. As it prepares a pool for conducting and keep running an amazing, healthy pool party. Testing your pool water using these test strips means your pool is free from disinfectant, bacteria and other pollutants. So, now you can enjoy a healthy and relaxing pool party.

How to take Pool Water Test Perfectly?

Although it is not a difficult process to take a pool water test. You can take it easily by yourself as well as from any pool store. If you are taking a test by yourself you can easily proceed with the process using a liquid test kit that comes with the test strips for conducting an easy water test. Other than that, you can also take help from pool stores as well.

How to take Pool Water Test using Liquid Test Kit?

o For this, you need to buy a liquid test kit, which comes with test strips. These kits are easily available anywhere and you can also easily buy from Amazon.

o Next, take some of the pool water in a container, open up the kit and take one of the strips.

o Dip the strip in the water and let the water soak for 15 seconds. (Remember! Let it air dry do not shake the Strip).

o There’s a proper guide and the color section n the packaging for concluding the results, so compare the color of your strip with the one on the box.

o Take the desired actions accordingly and you are done with it.

In few simple steps, you can take an easy and accurate pool and spa test using the test strips. However, here is another method as well.

How to Take Pool Water Test with a Pool Store?

For those, people who could not find the test strips due to any reason they can also take a test of water accurately. For this here’s a mini-guide.

o Take a clean and dry container. You can also take a measuring cylinder to get an appropriate quantity of water.

o Now, insert that container or cylinder in the pool water and take out the required quantity of water.

o Take this sample water to a pool store and get your results.

o Follow the instructions given by the instructor and clean your pool accordingly.

As you have now taken a pool water test and your pool is ready to rock the party but still a common question arises.

Are Swimming Pools Bad For your Health?

Well, to some extent the answer to this question is Yes. It is because the pool water contains a chemical mixed in it that is chlorine. The chlorine is mixed with water to kill bacteria and make it free from germs and other infections. At the same time, where this chlorine helps in making pool water free form other pollutants, it can be a hazard for your health.

Too much exposure of the skin to the chlorine in pool water can cause severe skin problems, allergies and can also lead to various other diseases. Sometimes these diseases can be fatal for health. It does not mean that you should stop swimming and stop going to the pools. However, proper care and caution can save from huge damage.

You should stop regularly visiting pools, once a week or twice a week is enough. Not only chlorine but there are also other infection-causing particles present in the pool water. For example, when someone has put sunscreen on or any other skin product and he swims in the same water. That skin product can mix up with water creating bacteria causing water pollutant.

Thus, it is another cause of getting skin allergies or experiencing different skin problems when you swim for a long time in pool water. Some of the common allergies or problems that you can experience are:

- Skin Allergies

- Eye Allergies

- Respiratory issues

- Sore Throat/ Sore Allergies

- Flu or runny nose

- Chlorine Rash

The only reason for such allergies is the pollutants or disinfectant in the pool water and to an extent the chemicals used in the pool.

What are the Symptoms of Chlorine Rash or Pool Allergies?

The very common allergies that might occur due to swimming pools is the chlorine rash. 90% of the majority experienced this allergy. It is because skin is not used to have contact with such chemicals underwater and when skin is exposed for a long time to such chemicals. It can turn in to allergies, which is commonly known as chlorine rash. As well as it can also cause other skin issues or itchiness in skin.

However, here are few symptoms that can confirm if you are going through chlorine rash. So, that you can take proper medication or consult a doctor on time.

- Itchy Skin

- Red spots on body (on any part of body)

- Headache

- Nausea

- Redness in Eyes

- Flu or Fever

- Abdominal Pain

The most common symptom that majority of the people experience is the formation of red spots on skin. It is a sure test that you are going through severe chlorine allergies and it is the time to take proper consultation from the doctors. However, the instant prevention that you can take at that time is as:

- Take a shower to rinse off the chlorinated particles stick on your body.

- Put on the infection relieving creams

- Visit your doctor immediately

These precautions or safety preventions can help you to a great extent. However, still taking extra care and spending less time in chlorinated water is such a great help to get prevention against allergies caused by pool water.


Although swimming is a great exercise and makes a person feel relaxed as well as provides a pleasing effect to eyes. At the same time, too much swimming in chlorinated water might be fatal and it is not good for your health. Regular or too much swimming in chlorinated water can lead to skin allergies, chorine rash, eye allergies and several other.

These allergies can also lead to severe disease as well due to negligence and inappropriate treatment. Thus, prevention is necessary and swimming twice a week is quite enough for those who love swimming.

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