How to Measure the pH Levels of a Pool and Hot Tub?

October 17, 2019

Swimming pools are amazing things one can have. It is best for the summertime pool parties. And also refresh you on a hot day when you feel lazy. It refreshes you up and makes you active whole day. There can be many words used for swimming pools. Such as swimming bath, wading pool or paddling pool.

It is designed in such a way that it holds water to enable swimming. Swimming pools can be built in two ways. Such as in-ground or above ground. But the most common types of pools are inground swimming pools. Many people use swimming pools for recreational purposes and other leisure activities and also for many exercises.

So, it is a good idea of having a swimming pool at your home. Besides having a swimming pool by your side. It is also necessary for you to have a sound knowledge about test strips used for spa or hot tubs. Test strips are used to test the water in the swimming pool. It ensures that water is balanced.

In this article, we will see how to measure the pH levels of a pool of a hot tub or a spa. We will further see how test strips help you measure the proper pH level. Also, we will see how to test your pools with stirps. So, let us start our conversation.

You got a hot tub. Your basic purpose behind it is to relax, enjoy and calm at the moment. While enjoying you notice something weird. You feel it is smelly, unstable or unbalanced alkalinity. This all happens due to unbalance in the pH level of the water.

1. Managing pH levels

It is necessary to manage pH or else you will face problems with your pool or hot tubs. You have noticed that first, the pH is low. So, you try to manage it. Then it goes too high. That you cannot manage it. You cannot handle it and hence feels like hating your pool at the spot. So, measuring and managing pH is really important in this manner.

2. What is Important About a Pool or Hot Tub's pH?

Now, most of you are wondering, about what is important to know about the pH of your pools, spa or hot tubs. And many of you are thinking of how you will get to know about the ideal pH value of your tubs or pools.

All of you might have read in your high school at least the basics of chemistry and must be familiar with the pH value. Those people might wonder. You can measure the pH of a solution on scale having numbers from 1-14. With the help of a pH scale you can find out about the of a solution. Either it is acidic or basic.

It is as simple as that. If a solution has extra hydrogen ions in a chemical that is mixed with water. Then, it is acidic in nature. Likewise, if a solution has less amount of hydrogen ion, then it is more of a basic.

While measuring on a pH scale 7 is considered to be perfectly neutral water. Lower than 7 are acidic and higher from this range are basic solutions. When you measure the pH values of your pool or tubs. They end up showing how acidic or basic your equipment is. The ideal pH level measures between 7.4-7.6. If it is not in between this range then it is unhealthy for you.

3. Having Low pH in Your Pool and Hot Tub

Having a lower as well as higher pH is dangerous for your health. Having a pH value lower than 7.4 means that your hot tubs and pools are more acidic in nature. If the water is more acidic than it is difficult for you to sanitize it. It will not let your sanitizer work efficiently.

Also, it will lead your hot tub exposed to harmful contaminators. Having a low pH of your pool or tub can also lead you to corrosion. This is very expensive to replace. So, it is important to check the pH value of your tub or spa or pool.

4. Having High pH in Your Pool and Hot Tub

As that we have discussed the side effects of having a low pH of water. Having high pH is also dangerous for you. If the pH value exceeds 7.6 then it is considered to be basic. And it is also not good for you. High pH also means it is poorly sanitized. Also, no one wants to enjoy the water which is unhealthy for you.

You can also find out if your water has a high pH value or not. Having a high pH can cause your water to become hard. If you have cloudy water it is also one symptom of high pH level of your water.

5. How to Measure pH Levels of Hot Tub and Pool?

Most of you are thinking about, how to measure pH levels of hot tubs, spas or pools. For this, there are some of the methods available for you. You can adopt any one of them in order to know about the pH value of your water. You can measure this using Test Strips, Electronic pH Meter or by taking Alkalinity test.

a. Measure Using Test Strips

The common and the most important method of measuring the pH level of pools or tubs is by using test strips. You can easily buy these test kits from any pool store. You can do this by using either of the two methods i.e. by dipping the test strips in the water and then compare to a printed color chart.

Or you can do it through a liquid indicator such as phenol red. You can add a few drops in the sample water and then compare it with a colored chart. This way you can easily measure the pH value of water.

b. Measure Using Electronic pH Meter

You can also measure the pH value of your water in hot tubs, pools or spa using an electronic pH meter. It will help you measure the exact value your water has. And you can then balance it. It is an inexpensive method. You can just buy an electronic pH meter. All you need to do is, calibrate it before each use.

c. Measure by the Alkalinity

Alkalinity is also one factor that is used to make pH level balanced. The pH level may get disturbed if there is an increase or a decrease in water's alkalinity. So, it is necessary for you to measure the alkalinity of water as well. It should be somewhat between 80 to 120 ppm. Which is considered to be an ideal one.

You can use test strips for this as well. As they help you measure the pH value of water as well as alkalinity of water also. When the water’s alkalinity is balanced then automatically the pH level will be balanced as well.


This article has taken you through some of the ways to measure the pH pf your pools and hot tubs. Having an ideal pH value for your water can make you feel free from a lot of diseases. So, it is very important to check it regularly.

You can do this by using test strips, using electronic pH meters or by test the alkalinity of water. Along with this, there are also some other ways as well. This article has explained to you each and everything.

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