What Maintenance is involved with Owning a Swimming Pool?

January 12, 2020

You have got a big wonderful swimming pool and you are all set for enjoying your pool time and to relax there for as long as you want. While owning a swimming pool there comes a lot of responsibilities along the way. One of them is the proper maintenance of it. Which is one of the essential elements of keeping your swimming healthy?

Swimming pool maintenance is considered to be the backbone of a healthy swimming pool. Also, it has a great effect on how long will your pool last. All of this depends on just one simple thing which is in a sense very important i.e. how well you take care of it. If you are not taking proper care of your pool then there might increase the risks of getting various health problems.

As the swimming pools contain a large number of bacteria and it is not naturally clean, so high maintenance is necessary. As the bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms can cause many diseases in our body. These bacteria can occur due to many reasons such as improper filtration, not necessary circulation or not having a balanced pH level in the water.

Taking care of all these factors is considered to be the maintenance of a healthy swimming pool. Following such simple and basic steps will help you get rid of certain bacteria and germs as well as increases the maintenance level of your pool. So, in this article, we will have a look at some of the factors which will tell you in detail what maintenance is involved with owning a swimming pool. Let us see what these are.

1. Cleaning the Pool

Let us start off with one of the most significant steps which will help you maintain a pool properly. It is cleaning the pool. Cleaning plays a vital role in every aspect because it can clean up all the bacteria. For cleaning purposes, you can use brushes, net skimmers as well as vacuums. These tools can help you easily clean inside of a pool.

The regular cleaning of the pool is necessary for maintaining good health of your pool. It will keep your pool water fresh and healthy for a long time. Besides this, the chances of getting various allergies that might appear due to polluted pool water become extremely low.

Pool cleaning is not a difficult task anymore and with the help of latest and advanced tools, you can get rid of all the pollutants quickly. With the help of the brush, you can clean the tiles easily and get all the dirt out. Applying this method weekly or after 2 to 3 days can help you clean the pool easily.

2. Pool Circulation

Circulation is also one of the most important methods to maintain a healthy swimming pool. As we all know that moving water is cleaner and safer as compared to stagnant water. Because it can keep you away from bacteria and other germs. If your pool does not have a proper circulation system then there are chances that you may face cloudy water issues.

To avoid such circumstances to take place it is necessary to follow certain steps that contribute to proper circulation of pool water. The circulating water lessens the chances of getting allergies that might appear due to pool water. So, it is extremely important that you check your filter system regularly on a daily basis.

Keep a check on the health and freshness of your pool in order to maximize circulation. Greater and regular the circulation, more fresh will be your pool water.

3. Balancing the Water Chemistry

Pool chemistry may sound difficult, but it is as easy as you can think of. But it is also an important method of effective pool maintenance. It is significant to balance the water chemistry. So, in order to prevent you from other infections and diseases. But this balancing starts with testing the pool water.

Understanding the pH level of water, the alkalinity, calcium hardness and other impurities or solids present in your pool water. Although it sounds a little technical or difficult maybe, but these things are really easy to understand. Keeping a check on all these factors is necessary to maintain the good health of the pool.

This will help you maintain the proper pH level of water. With the help of this, what is the nature of your water, either it is acidic or basic in nature. Keeping it on balance is also very important to maintain the good health of your pool. Balancing water chemistry highly contributes to the maintenance of your pool and it will keep your pool water stay fresh, healthy as well as clean from impurities.

4. Proper Vacuuming

As we have previously discussed the cleaning method. Vacuuming the pool properly is also an important step that comes with pool maintenance. Vacuuming can help you clean out all the dirt. So, it is advised that you vacuum your swimming pool once a week for the proper functioning of the pool.

When it comes to high-maintenance levels vacuuming is the best option. It will deep clean your pool and make it free from impurities, bacteria or pathogenic microorganisms. Making your pool water free from all these bacteria and infection-causing particles is necessary to enjoy the quality time in the pool.

It will also help you keep debris out of your water. And you can swim in clean water and keep your walls clean as well. If you want to stay healthy then it is super important that you vacuum regularly. The vacuuming process will effectively kill germs and bacteria and maintain pool cleanliness.

5. Check Pool Pumps Regularly

A key to the healthy pool is to check pool pumps on a regular basis. The pool pump is considered to be the heart of the circulation system of a swimming pool. It helps in pulling the water from the pool to the skimmer and returns it in the main returns.

If you want to keep your swimming pool a safe place to enjoy in then it is important for you to check that the pool pumps are working regularly. Otherwise cleaning is of no use.

The most effective step involved in maintaining good health of your pool and you cannot skip this to get maximum benefit. It is a healthy step towards healthy swimming. A pump usually consists of three components. A motor, impeller and a lint trap. The process is quite simple and you can efficiently perform it to maintain good health of your pool.


This article is all about some of the methods to follow which will help you maintain your swimming pool well. If you want to enjoy a clean as well as healthy swim then it is important for you to maintain it well. Swimming pool maintenance includes some of the methods which a necessary for every pool owner.

Some important ones are discussed above in this article. Cleaning of a pool plays a significant role out of all. If your pool is clean then you will surely stay safe from bacteria and other infections. Apart from this proper circulation is also important.

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