What's the most ideal way to make sure your pool water stays fresh?

October 16, 2019

Swimming pools always appears to be pleasing and they increase the beauty of the place. Whether its an indoor pool or outdoor proper cleanliness and to make the pool water say fresh is necessary. It is essential to keep the pool water clean and fresh, so it can cause any serious harm to health.

The pools require higher maintenance and cleaning. However, necessary steps must be taken to clean a pool properly and to keep the water stay fresh and healthier for a longer time. Cleaning of pool water is also very necessary especially when you are hosting a pool party or any other pool event.

Although externally your pool looks clean and fresh but you do not have an idea about the internal condition of the pool. In this case, you must go through a general pool or spa test for testing the water of your pool. The liquid test kit will help you in this respect to get an idea about the condition of the water.

However, you can conduct this pool test in two respects such as using a test kit as well as through any pool store. Both of the ways are convenient and provides you accurate results so that you can make necessary changes accordingly.

If you are taking a pool water test on your own, then using a liquid test kit is a great help. The test strips inside it is a convenient source to get the information about the condition of water. Other than that, pool stores also serve in this respect.

Besides, there are few ways by which one can make the pool water stay fresh for a longer time and make it free from bacteria and other disinfectants. These are listed as below:

Ideal Ways to Keep Pool Water Stay Fresh

Some of the ideal ways that can help a person make sure that the pool water stays fresh and free from disinfectants are:

Make sure to Understand the pH Level and the Alkalinity of the Pool

Alkalinity is the ability of the water to neutralize the acidity in the water. As the ideal pH level of pools or spas is 7.4 to 7.6, so alkalinity identifies how much acidic or basic water in the pool actually is and what should be done to make it neutral. Besides this, more alkaline the water is more will be its pH level.

Thus, understanding the pH level and Alkalinity is necessary. So, that you can take necessary steps to maintain the alkalinity and in return the pH to the ideal level. Hence, it will highly contribute to making the pool water stay fresh.

To Understand the Total Dissolved Solids Level

It is one of the important and essential things that highly contribute in maintaining the freshness of pool water. The Total Dissolved Solids Level in water means the amount of chemicals present in the water that contributes to killing bacteria and other germs. Such dissolved chemicals involve

- Chlorine

- Cyanuric Acid

- Calcium

These are few prominent solids that are dissolved n water to make it stay free from bacteria. However, intensive use of it in water can be fatal for health. Make sure to use the right amount of quantity in the water, so the water stays fresh rather than become another source of getting various diseases.

Other than that, some other things must also be considered before adding the amount of chemicals in the water.

o As the chlorine is used to kill bacteria and making it free from other disinfectant. At the same time, using the high quantity of chlorine in water can cause severe skin problems, allergies and can cause chlorine rash. Thus, using a precise quantity is necessary.

o Adding the right amount of Calcium in the water is also very important as it also prevents the water to cause any health issue. But keeping in mind that adding the right amount is necessary. If the calcium is low in water then it can make water corrosive that in return badly affect your skin and body.

o Adding the right amount of cyanuric acid will contribute to providing the protection against the sun and heat.

Keep a Check on Pool's Chemistry

It is another necessary step to follow in order to make the pool water stay fresh and healthy for a longer time. The pool's chemistry helps you to keep a check on the pH level, alkalinity and the quantity of Total Dissolved Solids in the water. Your pool water must contain the ideal amount of such solids as well as must experience the ideal pH level.

It will highly contribute to keeping the water stay fresh, clean and healthy. The ideal amount of the total solids dissolved (Chlorine, Calcium hardness, Cyanuric acid) and others is as following.

o pH Level Range: 7.4 to 7.6

o Alkalinity Level: 80 ppm to 120 ppm

o Chlorine Level: 1.0 to 3.0 ppm

o Cyanuric Acid Level: 40 to 80 ppm

o Calcium Hardness Level: 180 to 220 ppm

o Total Dissolved Solids Level: below 5000 ppm.

Your Pool water must contain the right amount of each accordingly as described. As it is the only way to make the water stay fresh for a longer time. If there is increased quantity of any one of these in the water it will only affect the body or the skin. They can also lead to severe skin problems.

Test the Pool Water Regularly for each Component

It is also another essential step to follow and cannot be neglected in order to make sure that pool water is fresh and clean. Test the amount of each of the chemicals used in the water, as well as the level of total dissolved solid levels. Repeating this process once a week is necessary as it will help you get an idea about the condition of the water inside the pool.

You can create a proper schedule or set time test each one of them regularly. As keep on testing efficiently involves maintenance, and freshness of water. Make a checklist for each one of them as follows and keep a proper check on each.

o Check the pH level twice a week.

o Check the Alkalinity kevel once a week or a month.

o Check Chlorine Level twice a week.

o Check Cyanuric Acid Level twice a season.

o Check Calcium Hardness Level twice a season

o Check Total Dissolved Solution Level once a week.

Thus, keeping a check on each one of them will highly contribute to maintaining the freshness and cleanliness level of water.


Described above are few prominent an ideal way to make your pool water say fresh for a longer time. If you want to make sure that your pool water is fresh and clean from bacteria or other disinfectants. Then following such steps is necessary. Following each one f them accordingly is necessary to help your pool stay fresh and healthy. Other than that, if any of the chemicals in the water increases or decreases it will badly affect the health as well as can cause severe skin problems.

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